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Allizwell Medico-legal Experts is a trusted provider who can give you access to a medical expert that you need within a time frame that suits you.
We specialise in legal case requiring medical expertise when referred by attorneys or advocates. We provide standardized assessments, reporting writing as well as expert witness testimony for Medico-Legal, Medical Negligence, Civil Litigation, Personal Liability cases.

We are a qualified Medico-Legal healthcare practitioners

Medical Jurisprudence. Medical jurisprudence is the scientific field that applies medical knowledge to legal problems. Cases that fall under this realm of medico-legal practice require independent medical evaluations and expert testimony in order to prove a case.

About Medico Legal Examination

A medico-legal report is a document that contains the results of Psychological Assessment and in a report, it can be used in legal matters. ... The Report can be used to determine the extent of injury/ existence of remorse and the likelihood of reoffending.

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The medicolegal death investigation system is responsible for conducting death investigations and certifying the cause and manner of unnatural and unexplained deaths.


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